Everyone dreams of winning the lottery, but for one Bay City man the wish came true when he scratched a $20 ticket that made him $1 million richer.

A Bay City man is now $1 million richer thanks to the Michigan Lottery. The man (who has decided to remain anonymous) was on his way to go fishing when he felt lucky and decided to stop at Wilder Party Store. Little did he know stopping there would change his life forever.

When the store owner told the man he had just won $1 million dollars, he didn't believe him. Luckily though the cashier wasn't lying (and hopefully received a nice tip from the now millionaire).

The man claimed his prize on Wednesday at the Michigan Lottery headquarters. He decided to take the winnings as a one-time lump sum win of $634,000.

So I guess he really didn't win a million in cash, but close enough. I know I wouldn't complain if I became a $600,000-aire.

Source: MLive.com