JJ McCarthy started his college football career at Michigan this season, and he made some big promises to himself and the fans.

McCarthy is a stand-up guy and wanted to make sure he had a way to hold himself accountable for the goals he wanted to achieve. So in July, he tweeted out the goals he set for himself, along with a list of things he promised to do.

Pretty crazy for a kid just out of high school right?

What did JJ McCarthy promise to do before the season started?

McCarthy made the promises that you would expect any young football player to make. He promised to do everything he could to bring Michigan Football back to the top of the college football world.

McCarthy also made some promises that you probably wouldn't expect from a college freshman. McCarthy promised to donate everything he earned from the new NCAA Name Image & Likeness rules to various charities around Michigan. He explained why it is important for him to help others in his position.

Anyone that knows me or my family knows how important it is to make an impact on future generations and to help make this a better place for them. I know I have an even bigger opportunity to do that.

That's the kind of person you want to be the future leader of your football team.

So now that the season is coming to a close, and Michigan is in a position to compete for a National Championship, McCarthy decided to fulfill some of his other promises.

McCarthy announced this week that he would be donating $10,500 to charities, including a $3,000 donation to the Oxford School Fund. The fund was set up to help the families deal with the trauma from the tragic Oxford school shooting.

Think about this for a second, college players have never been able to earn money from their college playing days. This is the first year that NIL is in place, and the first time athletes have legally received money for playing.

You would expect an incoming freshman making money for the first time to spend it as quickly as they got it, at least I know I would have done that. Instead, McCarthy is helping kids-focused charities all throughout Michigan.

I don't care who you root for, you have to applaud what McCarthy is doing here. He even gave money to the Hurley Pediatric Hospital at Michigan State!

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