Michigan picked up their biggest win of the Harbaugh era over Ohio State, and the Michigan State Police got in on the action after the game.

Michigan came into "The Game" against Ohio State Saturday as the underdogs that needed the win to keep their CFB playoff hopes alive. I have to admit that going into the game, I didn't give Michigan much of a chance. The way that Ohio State whooped Michigan State last week just drove the point of how good they are home.

Combine the big win Ohio State had last week with the record that Michigan has had against the Buckeyes recently. Michigan had lost the last 8 games against Ohio State, and it felt like Ohio State was hitting that usual unbeatable stride they get into toward the end of the season.

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Then this happened.

Michigan ended up shocking the college football world by dominating Ohio State 42-27.

That's right, after all the trash talk and hype about the Buckeyes scoring 100 points, Michigan ended up being the dominant force on the field. Then, 107 Thousand fans poured onto the field before everyone had to start to find their way home. That's when the Michigan State Police jumped in on the action.

I don't want to pile it on here, but that is just comedic genius.

Now Michigan has the real pressure of a National Championship on their back. The Wolverines go into the Big 10 Championship Game ranked second in the country.

Michigan will take on Iowa this Saturday for the Big 10 Championship, and if they can win, they'll secure a spot in the College Football Playoffs.

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