Police will be focusing on finding impaired drivers on Michigan roads for the next few weeks.

The 'Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" campaign starts in Michigan today and runs through Labor Day weekend. This is an initiative where police on all levels in Michigan focus on cracking down on impaired driving.

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Now through Labor Day there will be an increased presence of law enforcement on the roads, along with increased messaging about the dangers of driving impaired. That means you'll see quite a few more ads like the one below.

It seems crazy that we still need to tell people not to drive drunk or high, but it is still a huge problem in Michigan. The initiative is more than just an educational plan, it's main objective is to save lives. The MSP press release talks about why this is so important.

The aim is to drastically reduce deaths and serious injuries caused by impaired driving. This should be a time for friends and family to enjoy the final days of summer. Impaired driving puts everyone at risk and is always unacceptable

I don't have the official numbers, but I would hope that one of the positive effects of quarantine is less deaths on the roads from impaired driving. Most of the bars have been closed throughout the state, so I would think the number would just naturally be lower.

No matter what the situation is, common sense should rule the day. Driving while drunk or high is NOT a good decision. With so many other options available, risking your life and the lives of other motorists around you is never worth it.


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