The Michigan State Police Troopers at the Flint post showed what community policing is all about.

The officers have made a habit of visiting a few neighborhoods along Ballenger Rd in Flint, playing sports with the kids. The officers came with an extra surprise for the kids on their most recent visit.

The officers delivered a brand new basketball hoop and some new basketballs to the kids in the neighborhood. They were able to get the hoop thanks to a company out of Florida called Basketball Cop Foundation.

The company works to supply sporting equipment for local police officers to bring to the communities they patrol. They were even featured on ESPN earlier this year.

With all of the negativity surrounding police officers lately it's important to spotlight all of the positive things that they do for the communities they work in. If we try to focus more on the positive things, then the police will be more encouraged to do those types of things.

In no way am I saying that the real life tragedies should be ignored. I just want the good police officers to get the credit due to them for doing their job the way it's supposed to be done.

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