Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue did not hold back when posting her thoughts about NFL players kneeling for the anthem, but the MSP Director is now apologizing for her words.

In a Facebook post, Etue ripped into the players protesting calling the players degenerates, and saying they are,

millionaire ingrates who hate America and disrespect our armed forces and veterans

She went on to say the players are rich, entitled and ungrateful. After a huge public backlash, she has removed the post and deactivated her Facebook account.

Now the Michigan State Police have responded to the public outcry by posting an apology from Etue on their Facebook page.

The irony of a police officer calling out the people that are protesting against unfair treatment by police is amazing. Many people are calling for the MSP to fire Etue after her comments.

Anyone that is arguing that this is America and she can say whatever she wants is 100% correct. They also need to understand that with that right comes the responsibility to own up to your statements. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but some people need to learn when, where and how to properly express your opinion.

Do you think she should be removed as the director of the Michigan State Police?


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