I have a lot of respect for the police, and being a police officer was my second career choice. I guess we know what my first was, but no regrets, I love being in radio. Growing up I watched them do a lot of good in our community and really make a difference. When I was 18, I had my car stolen and they worked with other departments in the area and found it in a few hours. It was missing tires and the radio, but I did get it back. My brother was a cop for 30 years and is retired now. He said it was stressful and came with a lot of paperwork.

Well here is another thing we need to be careful of in Michigan. Here is a "cop" we need to be aware of according to wzzm13.com. This has been happening a lot across the country, but now it's close to home.

Michigan State Police are warning of a man who's allegedly impersonated police and made traffic stops.  Authorities say they received reports of a man in an unmarked car identifying himself as a state trooper and making stops near Interstate 96 and Davison Avenue in Detroit. The man was reportedly wearing a black uniform and driving a black car with red and blue lights.

REMEMBER, State Troopers don't use unmarked cars for traffic stops. If you are stopped by an unmarked car, slow down, use hazard lights, drive to a public place and call 911.  Pass this along to friends and family and be safe in 2021.

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