Neil Sauter plans on walking 400 miles in Michigan to raise money for the fight against Cerebral Palsy, and he plans to walk the entire Great Lakes State on stilts!

Yes, you read that right . . . the entire 400 miles on stilts.

Neil suffers from a mild form of the disease and says that having his legs strapped into stilts actually helps him a bit.  He has been dubbed 'The Michigan Stiltwalker' because this isn't the first time he has done something like this.  In 2008, he completed an 830 mile walk around the state, where he raised $85,000. This time around, he wants to top that amount.

Neil says that one of his favorite parts of the walk is the people that stop him to ask what's going on.  Aside from the pictures and well-wishes that he gets, Neil also collects a major part of his donations from the people.

Neil started this walk on April 12 and plans to wrap things up by May 19.  You can track his progress here!

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