Only about 62% of Michigan high school students get enough sleep each night -- but that number is higher than any other state in the US.

March is National Sleep Awareness Month, so the website Brainly surveyed high school students (age 14-18) to find out how their sleep habits affect their schoolwork and stress levels. Nationally, about 78% of high school students report not getting enough sleep on a regular basis.

Some key findings in the study:

  • 65% of students feel constantly tired or low energy.
  • 43% of students say their homework assignments cut into nightly sleep time.
  • 51% of students feel rushed or stressed in the mornings because they do not wake up with enough time to get ready and out the door before school.
  • 79% of students say they’ve fallen asleep during class at least once this school year.

Brainly suggests having a dedicated, well-organized homework area in order for students to streamline the homework process and maximize time dedicated to sleep.

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