The NBA shocked everyone when they announced that the season would be suspended until further notice due to the Coronavirus.

NBA officials made the announcement after Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz tested positive for Coronavirus. Players from the Jazz and Thunder were quarantined in the stadium locker rooms following the announcement. What made this an even crazier scene is that it happened moments before the two teams were about to take the floor.

Now at least 5 other NBA teams, including the Pistons, are being asked to self quarantine due to contact with the Jazz.  The NBA released the following statement on Twitter.

This is a reminder of what a small community professional sports really is. One player with Coronavirus has disrupted activities for at least five teams, and that in turn suspended the entire season.

Twitter is going crazy over a video of Gobert purposely touching all of the microphones at a pre-game press conference. He was joking about the new guidelines the NBA put in to prevent the Coronavirus, only to find out a couple of days later, that he has Coronavirus.

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