A man from Kalamazoo is being charged with falsifying repair documents on alcohol-breath machines.

There's no telling how many people this could've affected. Thus giving us all more reason to not trust any roadside test.

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The DataMaster breath test is used to measure alcohol levels at county jails or police departments after a motorist is arrested.

Earlier this year, all 203 machines were taken out of service until state police could verify that each was properly calibrated.


David John was sentenced to 9 months in jail for forging paperwork showing that he calibrated the Data Master when he clearly didn't. This is probably the dumbest/scariest thing I've heard in a while. Not only was this completely avoidable, but who knows how much damage these breathalyzer test did on innocent people. Can you imagine being that driver that gets arrested for being over the legal drinking limit and you didn't have a drink at all? How do you argue with a digital alcohol reader in front of a cop?

I'm glad they've taken these machines outta service and going forward we need a better method. We can't put ourselves in another situation where we question sensitive equipment that literally determines whether or not if someone is going to jail.

We have to do better and start planning more than ever for human error...

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