Its summertime and that means ticks. Here's 5 easy steps on how to keep your pets from getting bit!

Lyme disease is a possibility after getting bit by a tick for not only people but for pets too! Of course humans can spot a tick and properly get the tick off of themselves, but dogs and cats not so much. Not only can tick bites be painful, but your pet can get Lyme disease from being bit by a tick. It takes 24 -48 hours for a tick to transmit Lyme disease to your pet after being attached. So how do you take the right steps to keep your pet tick-free this Summer? Here's 5 easy ways to prepare and keep your pet safe from ticks this Summer

1. Check your pets every day for ticks. 

Obviously this is the easiest way to not only keep ticks off of your pets, but to also keep ticks from entering your house. Not only can ticks bit pets, but they can continue to bite you once they enter your house. Unlike other insects, ticks don't die after biting.

2. Learn how to safety remove a tick. 

This is a very important tip because some pet owners just thinking ripping the tick off of your pets body is the right. Wrong. Never remove a tick with just your fingers. Not only can ticks burrow themselves in your dog or cat, but they can also spread more infectious goo into your pet. Get your pet a tick stick to properly remove the dangerous tick from their body.

3. Clear Tall Grass And Bushes From Your Yard. 

Ticks love to hide in tall grass and bushes. Creating a good tick-free zone means cutting your grass regularly, reducing piles of grass and bushes, and keeping up with making your yard a haven for ticks. Removing old furniture, mattresses, and trash will keep ticks from hiding.  Also creating a 3 foot barrier filled with wood chips or gravel will also keeps ticks away.

2. Have Your Veterinarian Do A Tick Check At Every Visit And Use Tick Prevention Products. 

Vets know where to look when it comes to tick bites, and this is a very simple and effective way to keep ticks off of your pets. There are many products to keep the ticks off of your pets, and an easy exam can determine if your pet has ticks on them. Prevention is the #1 way to keep the ticks away.

1. Even If Your Pet Doesn't Have Any Symptoms, Check Them For Tick-Borne Illnesses Every Year.

The common misconception is that if a pet has Lyme disease you'll know. This isn't true at all, in fact your pet will not have the same symptoms as a human after contracting Lyme disease from a tick. Seeing the vet once a year for a tick-borne illness is a safe and easy way to keep your furry family happy and healthy.

Of course there is more than just Lyme disease that can be transmitted from a tick to your pet. There are seven major tick-borne illnesses your pet can get from ticks. Always make sure you check your pet after letting them outside is the most effective way to keep your pet safe this tick season.



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