Just like airline companies are not giving you free trips to the Bahamas if you "like"
and "share" their Facebook posts, Kohl's is definitely not giving you $75 off your purchase of $80 or more. This is one of those scams that are so easy to fall for, yet when you click the link you're giving a lot of your personal info away.

We live in a world filled with scammers and crazy tactics to take your hard earned money. For some reason, I see a lot of my Michigan friends falling for one of the silliest scams on Facebook. One of the more recent scams is the 'Kohl's Giveaway Club' scam. Its a pretty simple scam. Here's how it works...

Scammers hope that by posting fake coupons like the one above that Facebook users will click the link and share it with friends. By clicking statuses and links like the one posted above, scammers can get tons of information from you. When you share it you give permission to scammers to start taking your information with ease. Scammers then use the info to sell to others. For instance if you share your phone number on Facebook, scammers can snag your number and give it to other spammers to call your phone. Its a scammers paradise.

So please, share this article with your friends and family who think sharing or "liking" stuff on Facebook will make them rich and get all the coupons. Oh and if you want to check out the OFFICIAL Kohl's Facebook page click here.


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