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Sweeping changes are coming to Michigan's car insurance laws next month, but what do they mean? Will you finally be paying less for your car insurance?

There's a virtual town hall meeting planned for today (6/18) that should answer many of your questions.

On a personal note, I expected that our rates would be going down as the new laws went into effect. Our agent called and said we'll need to buy a rider starting in July, and guess what that means -- we'll be paying a few hundred dollars more each year to insure our vehicles. WTH?

Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services will address the changes to the law and how they will affect you. They'll also discuss coverage options that will be available to you and your family.

Go here to view the presentation. It's scheduled to begin at 1:30 pm and last about 45 minutes. A question and answer period will follow. Questions can be submitted ahead of time by emailing Be sure to include Virtual Town Hall Question in the subject line.


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