Miguel Cabrera put his hero cape on last night and lifted the Tigers to a much needed win over the White Sox.

In the bottom of the 9th Miggy hit a single, that allowed Ian Kinsler to score from second base.

Winning a game in the bottom of the 9th is always exciting, but when it keeps the Tigers one game lead in the AL Central, it's especially exciting.

The Tigers are clinging to their one game lead, and only have a few more games left this season to hold on.

Games remaining for the Tigers
White Sox at Tigers 1 p.m. Wednesday
Twins at Tigers  7 p.m. Thursday
Twins at Tigers  7 p.m. Friday
Twins at Tigers 7 p.m. Saturday
Twins at Tigers 1 p.m. Sunday

If the Tigers can hold on to the AL Central lead over the Royals, then they will take on Baltimore in a 5 game playoff series.  If they choke, then they still have a chance at the AL WIld Card.