Let's just start this out with the most obvious statement of all time:  Both parties involved in this video are not obeying the rules of the road.

The driver of this minivan must have a lot of very good things going for him, because I'm sure his pick up line of, "Hey mama, wanna get it on in the front seat of my sweet minivan?" did not work.

I don't know who he is, but his name should end with "The Amazing".  You know, like if his name was Jon it would be Jon - The Amazing!  Find out why below.Let's run down the list of things that make this video unlikely.

1. They are driving a 1 ton piece of metal on the expressway.

2. There is no way that the driver can see the road due to the high volume of breasts in his line of site.


There is only one logical explanation, he must have had this in the tape deck . . . because there is no way that thing has a CD player.

At least they weren't texting.

There is really only one thing more dangerous that you can do in a minivan.