A minivan with 4 people inside was dragged behind a semi in Northern Michigan, and now the 911 call from the people inside the van has been released.

The situation started in near white out conditions on I-75, just south of Roscommon.  The minivan ran into the back of the semi, and lost all power to the vehicle.

The truck driver had no idea what had happened, and continued driving!

The people in the van called 911 to see if the police could help stop the truck driver.  Listen to the audio below.

911 Audio From Minivan Being Drug By A Semi

Can you believe how calm she was?!  I would have been a mess in that same situation!

Luckily, police were able to get the semi driver to pull off onto a rest area just south of Grayling and alert him to the situation.

Amazingly no one was seriously injured in the freak accident.

I guess there are a few worse things that could happen in a minivan on the road.