The Mott Foundation has donated $106 Million to various organizations in Flint with the intent of helping the city recover from the Flint Water Crisis.

The money started with a promise in 2016 where the Mott Foundation comitted to donating $100 Million to Flint Water Crisis recovery. In the last four years the organization has gone above and beyond the original pledge. The Mott Foundation has been one of the biggest champions for Flint, and even though the original goal has been reached, they have no intentions of slowing down now.

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The Mott Foundation President and CEO, Ridgway White tweeted about the foundation reaching surpassing their original goal.

One of the best parts about the money that the Mott Foundation has donated over the last four years, is the transparency around it. They have detailed where the dollars have went on their website, so there are no questions over the impact that the money has had.

The money has been dedicated to six designated categories.

  • Safe Drinking Water
  • Healthy Families
  • Educational Opprotunity
  • Nonprofit and Public Sectors
  • Community Engagement
  • Economic Revitalization

The Mott Foundation has also been working to make sure other areas in the country don't face a water crisis like Flint. Part of those funds are dedicated to water policy reformations that can be put in place.


The Mott Foundation does so much good for our city year in and year out. Flint has gone through some very tough times, but we will come out better on the other side, and a huge debt of gratitude is owed to the Mott Foundation.


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