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A highly opinionated editorial written by a Michigan State Police Officer has gone viral, and some are calling for the officer's termination.

The piece, which is filled with racial overtones was published by the Monroe Evening News on February 2, ironically two days into Black History Month.

"Stop playing the victim," Goss states. "Take the BLM movement for example. Stop committing crime, stop resisting arrest; the “science” supports this theory. You are as likely to be hit by lightening [sic] in this country as you are shot by the police."

Goss' most-inflammatory statement refers to the attack on the Capitol in Washington DC on January 6.

"Stop villainizing us for doing the same exact things you already did. The left rioted, looted and burned innocent people’s property for over four months. The right damaged and entered one government building."

Some Monroe County residents are calling for Goss' dismissal. The Michigan State Police have released a statement in response to the editorial. While the statement admonishes Goss for his insensitive words, it makes no reference to any actions being taken against him. The following statement from MSP was originally published by Detroit's WXYZ:

"We fully recognize that our members, as individuals, have constitutionally guaranteed rights to free speech, no different than any other American. While his speech may be constitutionally protected, we are disappointed by the divisive nature and tone of Goss’ letter to the editor and do not find it in keeping with the high standards of professional decorum expected of members of the Michigan State Police," said Lt. Mike Shaw.


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