MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon made a bold statement on Sunday announcing that the college will not be releasing any information regarding students immigration status.

President Trump's executive order banning all Syrian refugees, suspending all refugee admissions for the next 120 days, and blocking citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering America caused an uproar on Sunday, and now Michigan State University is letting it be know that the Michigan college will not be releasing any information on its students from other countries.

MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon released this statement regarding the executive order...

“President Trump’s executive order on immigration is deeply concerning as it runs counter to the global nature of our communities and our nation. At MSU, our core values are quality, inclusiveness, and connectivity, and this action is an impediment to each. I am keenly aware of the need to address genuine risks to our nation but this order, and the manner it was implemented, is not the best approach. I join my AAU colleagues and other higher education leaders in expressing our concerns regarding the collateral damage caused by this action and calling for a quick end to the order. We must protect our borders, but we also must ensure we do not stem the flow of people of goodwill who come and work to make this nation better. Our students and scholars come from around the world to become Spartans, and then return to the world to make it better. We must not allow fear to change the nature of who we are.


Click here to read the entire statement released by Simon and MSU officials.

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