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If you were thinking about wearing your favorite MAGA hat or a Biden/Harris shirt to the voting polls on Tuesday, you better think again. It's something that won't be allowed in the state of Michigan.

According to ABC12, election workers across Michigan will be enforcing policies that prohibit campaign logos.

Apparently, this is something that's been enforced for decades. For some reason, I don't ever remember this being an issue in year's past but I have a feeling it could be for this election. I can tell you this, not all states across the country have the same regulations when it comes to what you can and cannot wear at the polls.

Michigan Secretary of State website :

Michigan has prohibited the practice of displaying election-related material at the polls for decades. This includes clothing and buttons, as well as materials such as pamphlets.

In Grand Blanc where I live, I know it's something that will be strictly enforced at voting polls.

Grand Blanc Township Clerk Cathy Lane:

No campaign materials, hats, T-shirts or face masks can be worn into a location. Any voters who show up to their polling location wearing campaign material simply will be asked to leave. You’ll be asked to remove them or to leave if you’re wearing a shirt or something in order for you to go and change your shirt.

If that's one of the regulations in place, please don't be a moron and try to wear something you're not supposed to. It's going to be stressful enough for these workers, they don't need additional and unnecessary issues to deal with. Just be cool...and polite of course.

Go vote!

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