R&B singer Mya sings Happy Birthday to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as he returned to WWE "RAW". Mya sounded really good and made me question why she fell off in the first place. The music industry must be a tough gig. But she looked good and sounded good and The Rock seemed to be surprised and almost emotional.

Mya was that chick for about 2 years or so. A fresh cute little face in R&B then I'm not sure what happened, but she just became irrelevant. Maybe it was because she dated Silkk The Shocker and some other C star entertainers. Well The Rock seemed happy. Right in the middle of his match she comes out and leads the other 20,000+ fans in a Happy Birthday song. The Rock seemed to almost get a little emotional.

It's crazy to think how much he's done in his lifetime. He was a star athlete from Hawaii and played College Football at the University of Miami. Then he was one of the most known and loved Wrestlers, now he's a Hollywood Movie Star (Check out the trailer to Fast 5 here)! And he seems to be a good dude too.

Mya's  "It's all about me"