There is a new challenge on twitter encouraging customers to leave a tip in the amount of their bill. It's no secret that servers do not make a decent hourly wage. According to WNEM, the federal government allows restaurants to pay servers as little as $2.13 per hour, as long as they average $7.25 per hour with tips. No one can live on $2.13 per hour, so servers rely on tips to make a living.

Servers are sharing their #TipTheBillChallenge experiences all over twitter. The point of the challenge isn't to tip 100% all the time. It's to tip 100% one time and make someone's day a whole lot better.

There are also servers out there, that think it will never happen to them, and understand that people usually tip 20%. Of all the viral challenges that have gone around in the last few years, this one could be my favorite. I worked in food service while I was in high school, and it is a lot of work for not a lot of money. As a server, I never expected a large tip, but it would have made my day if this happened to me, even on a $5 bill.

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