Former 810 Local Flow winner and Flint MC Berzerk drops a new Free EP titled 'Hard Knocks & White Socks'. Download the new EP below for FREE and see what he had to say below.

Berzerk said:

Last week, while I was in Indianapolis, Tyler Guest came up with this idea for us to do when I came back. He said we should release a 5 track EP a week after I come back. All brand new everything. And it's all going to be produced, written and recorded in one weekend. It seemed like a really interesting idea so I spontaneously decided we're gonna do this. Last Friday we started on it. I pushed myself harder than I ever have, took myself to my limits, didn't sleep much, and still made it to the gym regularly. It was definitely one of the best experiences I've ever put myself into. The 5 track EP came out at midnight. Just a little over an hour ago. I was wondering if you guys could post something about it on the website. Let me know. Thanks.