A new law signed this week sets specific speed reductions for Michigan drivers passing an emergency vehicle.

Governor Snyder signed the law Thursday, and it will take effect in February of 2019.

The law specifically states that drivers have to slow down at least 10mph below the posted speed limit in that area. Drivers must also move over a lane, if possible, when passing the emergency vehicle. The types of vehicles listed also include maintenance vehicles and other road work related vehicles.

Terry Patton

The moving over part of the law has been in place, but it only said that driver should proceed with caution. That wording seemed a little vague to most people, and it was a no-brainer decision to put specific language in the current law.

The fine for not slowing down will be pretty hefty at $400 per violation. There isn't really an specific rule for repeat offenses, but if you're dumb enough to do it twice, you deserve the fines.


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