New footage from one of the largest mass shooting in history shows the Police standing outside in a hallway while people are being gunned down. 

Now you never know how someone is gonna act when times of extreme stress come before you. Now, with that being said. Depending on your profession, like a police officer, we are expecting you to have the training and experience to handle a out of control situations like this.

I don't wanna sit here and just talk a bunch of trash about police officers because I honestly respect the heck outta them. But, when you see footage of a whole squad of officers in a hallway while a lunatic is gunning down hundreds of people, seconds count. And last time I checked you have to take an oath to protect as an officer and it's your job to protect us from stuff like this!

I really don't wanna watch this video again because I know while those guy's are standing there waiting for the perfect moment, people are dying every second....

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