Can you say creepy?  I've never considered myself to be Romeo or anything but, I don't think I would ever resort to this.  However, it's good to know that if I did it would only cost a dollar.  Check out a preview video below along with the description.

Still not thoroughly creeped out?  Read on.

The 99-cent app lets players select a virtual girlfriend based on attributes such as naughtiness, sense of humor, intelligence and, yes, even responsibility.

Responsibility?  I'm sure that's what the user who would buy this is looking for.

You tell the app what characteristics are most important to you, then select the physical attributes that you prefer and the app will give you some virtual lady loves to choose from.

Once you select your new totally fake girlfriend, you'll be given a variety of things to do with her: you can give her a flower, take her to a romantic movie, go skating or hiking or play video games. Pick the activity suited to her personality and you'll level up. Pick the wrong activity and you'll lose points and get a verbal lashing.

I don't have the words . . . For more crazy apps check out device magazine.