The city of Flint unveiled its visual proposal at a virtual town hall on Wednesday night.

Flint city officials have unveiled a proposal for a massive project that would turn the portion of I-475 that runs through downtown into a surface road.

The proposal includes leveling off the portion of the interstate that runs through downtown to connect it to the surrounding neighborhoods, which would create a boulevard through the heart of the city. It would also free up 30 acres of land for new development.

Mayor Sheldon Neeley has made it very clear that the city wants the input of residents before moving forward. “We do not yet know what, if any, options will be feasible, but we want to make sure we know residents' preferences as we move forward."

The Michigan Department of Transportation is doing a study on I-475; the department recently completed a $44 million project that repaired and rebuilt part of the interstate.

The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation has indicated that they might be willing to contribute money to the proposed project.

I-475 was finished back in the 1960s as a means to transport thousands of GM employees to work. Unfortunately, it also separated neighborhoods and dislocated some residents.

What do you think of the proposal? Visually, it looks nice. When you think about it, I-475 really does create a barrier between downtown Flint and surrounding neighborhoods. I'm not a resident of the city of Flint; if you are, let your voice be HEARD! The city wants to know what YOU think.

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