The officials in Monday night's Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers game addressed the hands to the face penalties that were called against Detroit Lions defensive lineman Trey Flowers in the fourth quarter of the contest.

Here's referee Clete Blakeman's explanation:

"The umpire threw both of them, the last one was really the only one I've discussed with him. Basically, it's for illegal use of the hands, hands-to-the-face foul. To be a foul, we basically need some forceful contact that's prolonged to the head and neck area of the defender. So, in his mind he had pinned him back, it was prolonged, and that's what created the foul."

The Packers defeated the Lions 23-22 on Mason Crosby's 23 yard field goal as time ran out to move to 5-1 on the season.  The Lions are 2-2-1 heading into next Sunday's home game against the Minnesota Vikings.

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