NFL player Antonio Brown has been ordered to pay his baby mama some child support money.  The Pittsburgh Steeler wide receiver was ordered to pay $6000 which was back pay.  This isn't so surprising seeing that athletes are always in this position but now things are different this time.

Brown just signed a lucrative deal of $42 million. Even with that large contract, Brown is only ordered to pay $750 a month in child support.  In addition to paying out some money, Brown has to allow his baby mama, Shameika visitation.

In January, Brown was accused of kidnapping his baby and moving to Pittsburgh.  While moving to Pitt, Shameika wasn't able to see her kid.  Yeah, things go a little crazy.

Looks as if things are being worked out in court.  Do you think the child support system is out of whack and in need of revamping?

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