Let the ghostwriting beefs continue.

After Meek Mill decided to try and throw collaborator Drake under the bus by alleging that the Canadian superstar didn't write his own music — to which Drizzy responded in the form of not one ("Charged Up"), but two diss tracks ("Back To Back") coming for Meek's entire life) — Nicki Minaj's ex, Safaree Samuels, decided to jump into the mudslinging mess with his own (lame) diss track.

“This n— bent outta shape with a gorilla face / My bars on The Pinkprint no one will ever match / My dick print, little n—, you can never match" he raps on "Lifeline," suggesting that Nicki didn't write her own raps on her latest studio album — and that her current BF Meek doesn't, uh, measure up.

This, apparently, did not sit well with the "Night Is Still Young" mega-star, who decided to respond to Safaree. No, not in the form of yet another diss track — just a straight-up live diss regarding her ex's claims.

"To this day, I never stopped," Minaj began to say to the crowd in concert last night on her Pinkprint Tour. "A bitch ass n— can't write my raps. You know why? You don't have the heart, or the mind frame, or the motherf---ing intellect. Don't even know how pronounce these motherf---ing words in my rap, bitch."


So, what's next? Another Safaree diss track? A Nicki/Meek special? A Drake/Safaree collab? Based on the sequence of events, it doesn't seem like this little spat between the foursome is going to stop anytime soon.

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