Early this week, Safaree Samuels had tongues wagging - figuratively and literally - after photos leaked of his manhood. Samuels has been making the rounds to deny that he leaked the picture and coincidently(?) promote his new single, “Hunnid.”

In an interview with TMZ, Safaree revealed that the only reason why Nicki Minaj stayed with him for 12 years was because of “the D.” And we don’t mean donuts.

"She used to always say to me if you didn't have that thing I would have been left you," he recalls. "She would be cracking up saying that to me."

Since the leak, Safaree has been inundated with requests to do porn, but he's not interested in doing adult entertainment. "I want to do music, entertainment, TV and movies," he said.

Recently, Safaree was supposed to talk to students at a local high school but the principal prohibited him from entering the building. The principal told the "Can't Lie" rapper that he didn't want the backlash for having him inside his school.

However, there was some good that came out of the leaked photo. Safaree is getting crazy bookings right now and there's newfound interest in his music. We included Safaree Samuels' new song below.

Listen to Safaree's Song "Hunnid"

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