It’s been a rough 24 hours for rapper Safaree Samuels. On Monday (April 2), the Love & Hip Hop star appeared on Power 105.1’s Angie Martinez Show to reveal that he was a victim of a robbery at gunpoint.

Samuels, who was clearly shook up by the incident, explained how the robbery went down while trying to hold back tears. The 36-year-old rhymer told Martinez that the robbers took everything he had including his jewelry.

“I just got robbed at gunpoint,” he said. “A couple of hours ago, I just got robbed. Two dudes with guns just ran up on me, me face down on the floor with a gun to my head. They just took everything.”

According to Samuels, after leaving the club, two gunmen approached him and his friend while they were getting inside their vehicle.

Samuels said that the police are on the case and are actively looking for suspects.

"It's just crazy, everything is on the up and up for me and people see that and they are just so jealous and envy, he said. "I'm still in shock."

While we are happy that Samuels is safe and sound, we are a little disappointed in the fans' reaction to the video.

Some people on Twitter didn't have any empathy for Samuels' unfortunate incident. Others are wondering why he would show up for an interview after getting robbed at gunpoint?

"I promise if Safaree wasn't a K-List celebrity, he wouldn't have said anything about being robbed at gunpoint and then going straight to do an interview. Great way to utilize Angie platform," wrote one person.

Another fan tweeted, "Safaree Crying on Angie Martinez show is the reason I don’t flex...."

One Twitter user summed it up the best on how we all should react to this unfortunate news.

He wrote: "That Safaree situation is not funny ...nobody knows how they would act in a life threatening situation until it happens. That 'people get robbed everyday' shit is trash and shows how desensitized some people are, it's ok to be human.'

Check out people's reactions to Safaree Samuels's interview below.

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