As the late Nipsey Hussle's birthday draws closer, the Los Angeles Police Department is reportedly preparing for anything that might happen.

According to a report TMZ's published Monday morning (July 29), the LAPD plans to have more than 100 officers in the area around Nipsey's clothing store The Marathon to be prepared for what is likely to be a massive gathering around the spot on his birthday on Aug. 15. As of now, there aren't any concrete plans to honor the rapper where he was shot and killed back in March. However, the LAPD wants to be ready just in case something happens.

Law enforcement in Nipsey's hometown is well aware of the impact the slain rapper had on the community. Police expect thousands of people to congregate at the place where the rapper took his final breath so they want to be overly prepared regardless of the positive intent organizers may have for Nipsey's birthday celebration. Police don't want to pose a threat to anyone who will come to pay their respects so police plan to be dressed in plain clothing.

Their plans might not come as shock to some given the troves of people who hit the streets on the day of Nipsey's Nipsey's memorial service and procession. During Nipsey's final drive to the cemetery after the service, multiple people were shot in a drive-by and one person did not survive.

XXL has reached out to the LAPD for comment.

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