There are some heavy hitters backing the movement to change Halloween to the last Saturday of October.

Traditionally the date is October 31st, but that doesn't always work in favor of families trying to trick or treat. There has always been talk in individual communities about moving the trick or treat day to a weekend, but nothing ever becomes official. Now there is a petition with more than 100k signatures on it circulating online.

The petition is backed by the Halloween and Costume Association, and is asking President Trump to move Halloween to the last Saturday of October. Here are a few reasons listed for the change on the petition.

  • Safer trick or treating earlier in the day
  • No late nights eating candy then having to get up for school
  • Trick or Treat can go on longer since they will start earlier in the day
  • Why cram it into a couple of hours when Halloween deserves a whole day?

There are a lot of safety issues with Halloween as it is now. Most of the trick or treating times start just before dark, and run well into the night.

I know that when we finished trick or treating last year, it was pitch black. Luckily we had flashlights, but many parents don't send their kids with flashlights or even reflective clothing.

The other major issue I completely agree with is the time crunch. Trying to do a school Halloween party, work, trick or treating, costumes, and still get up the next morning for work and school is ridiculous.

I am a fan of moving Halloween to the last Saturday in October mainly because there are no real reasons not to move it. If you agree you can sign the petition here.



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