October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Geneys Hurley Cancer Institute is helping to make sure you get a screening.

Despite everything that's going on with the Coronavirus pandemic right now, we still have many other health concerns to stay on top of. Normally October is dominated by Breast Cancer awareness messages, and almost everything is pink. This year everything is a little different, but the need is still the same.

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This has been a tough time to keep up on preventative health checkups. I know that many health organizations are urging people to keep up on vaccinations and regular health checkups, but many patients are apprehensive due to the pandemic.

Breast Cancer screenings are the best way to make sure you stay out of harms way when it comes to this deadly disease. The messaging would normally be front and center right now, but the pandemic is taking most of our attention. That doesn't mean that the screenings are not happening, in fact the GHCI is doing free exams this week.

The free breast cancer screening is happening on Thursday October 15th from 5p to 7p at Genesys Hurley Cancer Institute. The screening is open to any woman or man over the age of 18. The screening is completely free, and no appointment is required. Just show up between the hours of 5p and 7p to GHCI located at 302 Kensington Ave in Flint.


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