Saturday mail delivery is about to become a thing of the past starting in August according to the US Postal Service.

The announcement will officially be made at a press conference later this afternoon as the USPS continues to try and stay alive financially.

Packages will continue to be delivered six days a week, but by cutting Saturday mail delivery the USPS could save $2 Billion annually. There will surely be some opposition to the decision, but the Postal Service expects most of the public to agree with the move.

I'm actually surprised that it took them this long to make this happen.  The amount of actual mail sent by the public has to be half of what it used to be.  Paying bills online alone saves most people the need for stamps every month.

I honestly can't even think of the last piece of mail that was sent out of our mailbox.  I do think that the USPS still provides an invaluable service, but they could probably even cut another day out of their work week without many people feeling any effect.