Migos member Offset has been enjoying his fame so far but, unfortunately, it has also brought plenty of unwanted intruders to his doorstep.

In an interview with HighSnobiety that was published on Wednesday (March 11), Offset, who recently purchased a lavish mansion with his wife Cardi B in Atlanta's Buckhead neighborhood, revealed that he plans to build a fort around his new home to keep “weirdos” out.

“Ever since my house in Buckhead hit the internet, I’ve had weirdos in my backyard," he explained. "I’m building a fort right now with an 18-foot wall, all around the house, then I’m going to build a 20-foot wall behind that."

The rapper-actor will also have additional security near the fort for any unwanted trespassers who dare try to enter his castle. "In between is where my dogs are going to be at," Offset said. "I got these pit bulls that I’ve been having since I was 23—Bentley, Boujee, Fat Mama, and Bando. They love me, but they’re not friendly to nobody. So if you find a way to jump my gate, as soon as you get over, it’s the pits.”

So to all those weirdos Offset speaks of: You've been warned.

Elsewhere in the interview, Offset revealed that he shuts down any talk of him being the star of Migos because he's married to his Grammy Award-winning wife Cardi B.

"People tell me all the time, ‘You’re married to Cardi B. You’re the real star," he said. "I shut that down immediately. And it kills them so much, and I can see the darkness in their face. By even telling me I’m the star, you’re killing my memories. Period.”

Next up for Offset is the Migos' anticipated fourth album Culture III, which is expected to be released this year.

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