Alright, I think this is really crazy and ridiculous.  Orland Shaw of Nashville has fathered 22 kids with 14 women and he's being sued for child support.  This can't be life.

Orlando Shaw has recently been to court after being sued for child support of his 22 kids by 13 women.  Shaw is unable to pay back tens of thousands of dollars and doesn't seem to be a bit concerned about it.  Due to his criminal record, he's unable to become gainfully employed.

Shaw believes that he's a good father but just is not able to financially support his children.  The Nashville dad revealed that his love for women got him into the steep number of children.  According to the Huffington Post,

"I was young and ambitious, and I love women," Orlando Shaw told WTVF. "You can't knock no man for loving women."

I don't think this guy is all the way there mentally.  At some point you have to stop fathering children if you can not afford them.  I don't think placing him back in jail would help the situation. I think Shaw should be forced to work several jobs and the checks get sent to his children the best way possible.

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