Politician Pulls Pistol During Debate [Video]
Two politicians get into a heated debate and one throws his shoe and pulls out a gun.
Well damn! Can you imagine if every debate was like this? How much more awesome would CNN be? Their ratings would skyrocket!
I demand Wolf Blitzer gets into a debate with Anderson Cooper. I would pay pay-per-view pri…
Detroit Man Accidentally Shoots Himself In The Junk
A Detroit man accidentally shot himself in the penis while adjusting his gun.
The 45-year-old man was getting ready for work when he moved the .40-caliber Glock pistol in his pants and it fired.
He's actually lucky, because he could have hit his femoral artery which runs down there.
10yr Old Boy Pulls A Gun On A Old Lady Because Of Candy [Video]
A Old lady spots some young kids that she recognizes and jokes with them that she gonna take their candy, then the young boys reach into their backpack and pull a 9mm pistol.
There's so much to be said about this I don't think I can fit it all into this article. First off, after watching this video y…

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