The voting for worst parents of the year can stop right now.  This couple has won the award after they were caught trying to have some quality time in a public park, while their kid does everything he can to stop them. 

Any parent knows the struggle of trying to find some private time for relations when you have kids in the house.  It's a cat and mouse game of closed doors, movies downstairs and unusually long showers.  These parents (if I dare call them that) decided to say screw all the sneaking around.

In fact, they aren't just ignoring the fact that they should hide from the kids, they aren't worried about the entire world seeing them!

The video goes from kind of funny to really sad though as the kid tries to stop them from swapping fluids.  He repeatedly gets swatted away, and eventually just goes back to quietly playing next to them.

Basically, this kid is scarred for life . . . and the parents should probably be locked away.

Warning: This video does not show any nudity but it does show simulated sex.