The petition started after the teenager from Warren, MI posted snapchats of him abusing the dog by duct taping his mouth and arms and hanging him by his collar from the ceiling.

Over 1,500 people have signed a petition online wanting justice for a dog that was abused by a teenager in Michigan. Here are the details from the petition page...

In one photo, the dog is hung from the ceiling by his harness. The picture is captioned: This what happens when he be bad. In another photo, the dog has his mouth and legs taped shut. This is how to make your dog shut up – the caption reads.

Police have stated that the background illustrated in the snapchats posted by 'Clive' do not match the home of the teenager who allegedly abused the dog and are urging anyone with more information to contact them immediately.

The teenager responded to the allegations on twitter stating the dog wasn’t hanging by his neck but by his harness...

via @kicks0ncleve on Twitter
via @kicks0ncleve on Twitter

Click here if you would like to sign the petition.

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