A letter was sent home to parents in Kearsley School District on Friday notifying parents of an incident in which students reported a man calling kids inappropriate names.

The incident happened on Friday on the corner of Covert Road and Risedorph in Genesee Township. According to reports the man was parked in a black Chevy S-10 pickup truck. The truck had over sized tires and an antenna. The man also had a red ball cap on.

Another incident happened at Davison Elementary on May 12th. Police were notified after a man driving a black truck approached a fourth grader. The man drove away after a bus appeared. The man is described as an older man with brown hair, clean shaved, and wearing sunglasses.

Police warn parents to talk to their children about strangers that approach them and to contact the police immediately if you see any suspicious activity.

Source: ABC12.com

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