Is it just coincidence that Post Malone was nearly killed in a turbulent plane landing, survived a car crash and was forced to endure a (botched) burglary within just a few weeks?

Nah, kid — this is the curse of the Post, and now, we've finally uncovered the origin source.

As TMZ first reported, Post hung out months ago with Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans when the two decided to take a closer look at world's most haunted object at Bagan's haunted museum (you can read more about the cursed object — the original dybbuk box that inspired the movie The Possession, — here).

Bagan bought the wine cabinet for tens of thousands of dollars, according to the site, and noted that it contains "a restless, evil spirit that can possess the living."

Welp, after getting a little tipsy, Bagans decided to touch the talisman, and Post was freaked. Post proceeded to touch Bagans' shoulder, and Bagans rebuffed him, noting that the touch was enough to trigger a curse.

Now, Bagans is convinced that the slight action has set off Post's series of unfortunate events.

But Post is just happy that he's still alive — after his plane's August 21 crash landing, he told TMZ: "I just put everybody in a big group text to tell them I love them, just in case...I didn't want to f------ freak people out...I was just thinking about the possibilities, the outcomes."

"I'm a live, I'm f------ ready to party," he added. "Live your life, get it on, man. I'm super happy. It feels good to be out in the sunshine."


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