I don't know if this funny to me or useful. Looks like Michigan will be tracking potholes around the state to help avoid them.  Great concept but....

So we are spending money for apps to avoid potholes or at least keep up with them? What happen to actually fixing them?  Well, I guess I'm to much of a dreamer. I think this is a cool joint to have if we, as a state, was putting more effort and money into fixing our roads. I know I drive over or by potholes in Flint daily. Getting out of hand.

Will you download the app?

The city of Kalamazoo isn't the only municipality that wants to know where there are potholes.

The Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association wants people to plot locations of potholes across the state on an online map.

MITA has launched a Google map that keeps track of potholes across Michigan.

The group is asking for users to submit where they have found potholes are in the state.

On Potholes form due to fluctuating temperatures, which makes the weather in the next few weeks prime for potholes, according to the release.

via Potholes? There's a map for that. Michigan group launches Google map that tracks potholes in state | MLive.com.