Em, Ri Ri, and Nicki are all on the new Chart that Billboard is Charting based on Social Networking popularity... Peep!

Rapper Eminem, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna have all landed at the top of the Social 50, a brand new chart being introduced by Billboard in its print and online editions, ranking the most popular artists on several prominent social networks.

The new Social 50 uses a formula that blends the artists' popularity based on their weekly addition of friends, fans and followers, based on song plays through MySpace.com, YouTube.com, Twitter.com and iLike.com.

According to Billboard, the data is collected by Next Big Sound, a company that tracks music being shared on the social networks.

The chart also uses a "unique metric that measures the ration of page views-to-fans/friend on YouTube.com and MySpace.com.

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