Wiz Khalifa now Rick Ross......... will anybody ever learn?


Rapper Rick Ross was arrested in Shreveport, Louisiana last night (March 25).

Police busted the rapper after a strong odor of marijuana was detected from his room at the Hilton in Shreveport.

When police arrived at the rapper's door they allegedly saw about a gram of marijuana in plain sight.

Rick Ross, born William Leonard Roberts III, was immediately taken into custody.

The rap star was in town that evening to perform at Kokopellis nightclub for a birthday bash for DJ Bay Bay.

Also arrested the same evening was Philadelphia Eagles star Jason peters.

The Queen City, Texas native was arrested after he allegedly refused to turn down police officer's request to turn the music down in his car.

Peters, who was in town to celebrate with Rick Ross, was also arrested and charged with loud music and disturbing the peace.

Both men have since been released.

[via AllHipHop.com Daily News - : Rick Ross Busted In Shreveport For Marijuana.]