Stephanie Harvell and Mitchell Arnswald are a couple from Michigan and life was going great when they won half a million dollars in the Michigan Lottery! But, authorities are now linking them to multiple home invasions.   

Can you imagine hitting the lottery and being on top of the world without a care in the world? Knowing that you no longer have to worry about bills, food, etc as long as you don't go crazy with the spending. Most people would kill for an opportunity to live a carefree life. And for this Michigan couple, it came true!

Unfortunately for them, the past has finally caught up with them and now I consider them the luckiest/unluckiest Michigan couple this year.  Authorities have linked them to dozens of home invasions spanning over five counties. So if that's the case then they knew they were wanted when they won the money initially! Right? One would think if they branched out to multiple counties then they HAD to know they were hot. The smart thing would have been to allow someone you trust to claim the money. I know that sounds dumb, but it's better than being arrested.

Either way, it's a wrap now.

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