A frustrated Royal Oak man ended up being choked out and pooping his pants after police refused to take his payment in pennies.

Anthony Sevy received a parking ticket in Royal Oak, and went to the police station to pay his $10 fine. When he learned that there would be an additional charge of $1.75 for using a card, he became even more agitated.

Sevy decided to get a little bit of revenge by coming back to the station with $10 worth of pennies to pay his fine. The clerk didn't appreciate Sevy's silent protest, and refused to take the pennies as payment. That's when things took a very ugly turn.

Sevy started to argue with the clerk and officers on the scene. The surveillance video shows officers escorting Sevy out of the building, and according to FOX2, they proceeded to choke him out.

It looks as though officers wait to get out of the cameras view, then start to choke him from behind. Sevy claims that he then passed out, and crapped in his pants (insert sh##ty day joke here).

Sevy and his lawyer are now planning to sue the Royal Oak PD over the incident. In the meantime, Sevy is charged with assaulting/obstructing a police officer  and disturbing the peace.

FOX2 reports that the Oakland County Sheriff's office is investigating the incident.

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