A jogging woman has been caught on camera multiple times, pooping in the same guys lawn during her run!  Now he has gotten the police involved to nab this serial pooper!

The homeowner has no idea who the woman is, and hopes that by exposing the tape of her poop jobs, she will be forced to find a new toilet.

There are two things about this video that NEED to be pointed out.

First is the fact that the woman DOES. NOT. WIPE.  She doesn't even stop to think about wiping!  She jogs up, drops trough and then pulls her business up and keeps going.

Second is that, "Bobby" - The homeowner, says that this, "Malicious Fecal Distribution".

Seriously . . . Malicious Fecal Distribution!  Have you ever heard three words go together so disgustingly well?

Click on the picture to see how one business owner used a well pointed hose to get back at people using the side of his building as a bathroom.


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